Three health issues I resolved using Homeopathy

IMG_7226 copyMy friend and colleague, Ruth Preece, informed me that it is Homeopathy Awareness Week and I felt so inspired by how Homeopathy has transformed my health over the years that I decided to write about it and share my own positive experiences.

In recent years there has been a lot of bad press about Homeopathy, despite the fact it has been in existence for over 200 years, with people saying there is not enough scientific evidence. However, many people choose to use homeopathy to support their health and wellbeing with celebrities such as Gaby Roslin and Jo Wood stepping forward to support it.

So,my reasoning is, much like Reflexology and other therapies of this nature, this practice simply would not exist if it didn’t have a positive effect for people, who would continue to use something that does not work for them?!

So What Is Homeopathy?

Ruth, a student homeopath, describes it as

‘A treatment of ailments through natural substances in minute measures, so there no side effects or further detriment to health caused. A patient is treated as a whole being, with all their history, signs and symptoms taken into consideration, even their dreams. A picture is built up from the initial consultation (usually about an hourand a half) and the treatment commences following some in depth analysis of the transcript of the conversation’

Basically, from my understanding, the small, white pills (see picture) that are prescribed are like a tiny dose of the illness your body is experiencing, which stimulates a natural healing response in your body. It’s incredibly effective in my experience, here are three examples of the health issues I have resolved through Homepathy.

Unexplained skin Irritation

Aged 16 I began to experience skin ‘itchiness’ all over my body. It felt like it was just under my skin and no scratching or itching would bring relief. Over the course of a year I was treated for possible scabies, had allergy tests, made dietary changes and went to skin specialists but to no avail and in the end all that was offered as solution was to take a long term prescription of antihistamines. My mum knew of a homeopath (Carol Ross) locally and so we decided to try this. After taking a comprehensive case history of my life experiences she prescribed me a homeopathic remedy called Sulphur. Within a few weeks all my symptoms had disappeared and they have never returned.

Interestingly, Ruth told me she also used this remedy recently for her 8 month old Granddaugher who had sore skin and it completely resolved as well!

Glandular Fever

Aged 23, when I was working in my first job as an Occupational Therapist in London, I experienced a few months of intense stress (a combination of being short-staffed in the NHS and my own high expectations for myself!) I came down with the dreaded Glandular Fever. As anyone who has been unlucky enough to have this illness can tell you, recovery can be painfully slow. With no medical treatments or medicines known to be helpful for this, I was signed off work by my GP for six weeks and I had to stay at home to rest.

I had a phone consultation with my homeopath and she sent out some remedies to support me and to build up my consitution. Once I started taking the remedies I started to improve and went from spending most of the day in bed to being able to do some activities and I was able to return to work more quickly than I would have thought.

Fatigue/Feeling Run Down

Last year I had been working really hard and hadn’t given myself much space to rest. Around September I felt my energy reserves were a lot lower than usual so I had less energy for fun in my life. I noticed that whenever I felt tired my glands would become swollen in my throat. I got in touch with Ruth and became her ‘case study’ – she works under the guidance of a registered homeopath. I found in Ruth a wonderful listener with a great skill at analysing our conversation and noticing themes when I was talking. I was given a remedy and I asked not to know what it was so that I would not be tempted to look it up!!

After a few weeks I noticed that my energies levels had improved, I felt more positive generally and with an underlying strength, back to my usual self and out doing my fun activities again as well as working! It wasn’t for a few months, until I went back for a follow up appointment that I realised my glands had not been swollen in my throat, despite being tired or in situations where I had been really busy. Even with feeling of an early onset of a cold (which I have always managed to throw off before it develops) my glands in my throat are not prominent!

Traveling – ok so I know I said three things but just had to share this too!

IMG_7230 copyWhen I went away for a month in November last year, I decided to take a Helios homeopathy travel kit with me. Luckily for me I did not have to use it that much but others around me had great benefit! One person who had diarrhoea took a remedy and found that her symptoms dramatically improved the next day and then the reverse, a young woman who had constipation found that the next day things were moving again!! Its a great kit to have on hand, with a full booklet to help you find the right remedy for you or your travel buddies.

Want to try Homeopathy for yourself?

Search online for a Homeopath that is local to you but be sure to check that they are registered with the Society of Homeopaths – this ensures they have undergone professional training and have qualifications that are recognised by the Professional Standards Organisation.

I can highly recommend having a session with Ruth Preece and her mentor, she has helped me several times over with homeopathy remedies this last year! This is a short message from Ruth:

Studying Homeopathy has completely changed the way I look at life not just from a health point of view, but in acceptance of people and non-prejudice observing of the way we are all blessed individuals. As a student homeopath I offer consultations with the support of a highly qualified and experienced supervisor, so the initial outlay of £35.00 is two homeopaths for the price of one! Please contact me if you would like an appointment, I work in Central London and in the Milton Keynes area.’

Get in touch with Ruth if you would like to book a Homeopathy session. Or contact me if you would like to hear more about my experiences of Homeopathy or to understand more about Reflexology too! Wishing you all a lovely weekend!