Why I love what I do

Felicity www.gillshaw.co.uk_ 10 (27)When I tell people that I am self employed Reflexologist and Metamorphic Technique practitioner I find it evokes various reactions, some are inspired and others incredulous. I remember a work colleague talking to me about it, before I went full time into self-employment, saying how lucky I was to be working less hours for more money. I laughed at this at the time but it’s a common misconception.

I can honestly say that, since becoming full time self-employed, I work far more hours and earn less than I did when I was working as an Occupational Therapist. When I am not working ‘hands on’ giving sessions or teaching workshops then I am immersed in keeping up to date with following up after sessions, giving advice, preparing or giving talks, learning how to do marketing, website development, attending courses to continue to update my skills, getting up at 6.00 a.m. to attend networking events with other therapists as well as keeping up with a daily routine of yoga and meditation to help me continue to do this work! Phew! All this and with no sick pay, no holiday pay, no security and no pension!! So why do I do this? The only answer I can give is that I completely and unequivocally love what I do!

Don’t get me wrong, I did also enjoy my work as an Occupational Therapist, working for the NHS is incredibly rewarding but there is something about my work now that totally fulfills me, I have such faith in these practices and the healing effects they have for people. Everyday I witness people becoming healthier, happier and more able to fully embrace life through the work we do together and it never fails to amaze me! Who knew that the feet could be such a catalyst for our own healing?!

I feel truly honoured to be able to serve others through this work and humbled that I am able to earn my living this way as well. Everyday I have the privilege of being present with people on their journey to health, from simply finding relief from headaches, experiencing better digestion, finally being able to sleep again, alleviating discomfort during pregnancy, leaving a job and finding happiness, letting go of anger, coming to terms with grief and so much more. In the last nine years I have witnessed so much positive transition for people and that is what makes my heart sing!

That said, it’s not always about everything being so seemingly ‘positive’. I have had many experiences of sitting with people in their pain as well, the pain of a miscarriage, grief or a relationship break up. I have also been present to support people who are dying from illness or cancer, these times bring so much perspective for all involved and especially me. I am reminded of our immense capacity to love, be vulnerable, surrender, find acceptance and of
the resilience of the human spirit.

IMG_0719On a personal note, doing this work has been such an amazing learning experience for me – especially that old line ‘practice what you preach’ – any advice I do give I can honestly say will come from my testing things out on myself first! It was a Metamorphic Technique session that was the catalyst for my change of career, leading me to learn Reflexology and then having the self-belief to go self-employed! Then there is the challenge to step forward and to speak in public about these practices, which I have now done many times and often still feel nervous about, its been a powerful learning curve this one!!

This path has led me to discover many amazing therapies, inspiring people and spiritual teachings that have enhanced my life in ways I cannot put into words. I am a happier, more balanced, version of me because of the work that I love to do.

I have learned so much over these last nine years and I am beyond grateful for being able to do this work, I can hardly believe 2017 will make it ten years since I started practising! I can’t wait to find out how this work will continue to unfold, where it will take me and the insights that will develop. For now, I cherish every moment that I get to bring Reflexology and The Metamorphic Technique to the world!

May you all also find joy in the work you do and never be afraid to take that leap of faith to change that which does not bring happiness into your life! I can be testimony to the fact that all the challenges have been totally worth it!!

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