The Metamorphic Technique

Each of us is born into this world with an innate ability to fulfil our potential, grow and develop, spiritually as well as emotionally and physically.

Through the journey of our conception, birth and as we grow we are surrounded by many different environments and many differing viewpoints or guidelines on how to live our lives. Within this whirlwind of information we may, at times, feel that we are limited, a bit stuck in life or feel disconnected from our sense of self.

Life, in all of its intelligence, is constantly transforming. It is the mind that can bring us a sense of limitation or limiting beliefs. The life within each of us can transform what no longer serves us at any moment, given an environment that is free from direction. With gentle touch to specific points to the feet, hands and head, The Metamorphic Technique can be likened to this environment.

The Metamorphic Technique practitioner will not attempt to advise or direct you; recognising that life is aware of how to use the technique to the highest value, aware of what no longer serves you, what is ready to be transformed and aware of how to restore your inner balance.

This technique is available to all, including babies and children and can be a beautiful technique to use within the family. Sessions are offered on a one to one basis in my clinic locations or as a home visit.

Learn The Metamorphic Technique

It is a joy and an honour to offer two-day workshops for you to learn this amazing and transformative technique. Either to learn just for yourself, or to share with your friends and family or to start to journey towards becoming a practitioner, all are welcome on these workshops and you don’t need any prior experience at all. Beautifully simple and easy to learn I invite you to journey with me and learn a technique for transformation within your own life. Click here for upcoming workshop Dates

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