Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem

What is Facial Reflexology?​

Though most commonly associated with the foot, the theory of reflexology also applies to the hands and the face. Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ was developed over 30 years by Reflexologist Ms Lone Sorensen and follows the theory that parts and systems of the body are reflected on the face. This approach combines aspects of the theories of acupressure points, Chinese energy meridians and South American tribal body maps which enables a practitioner to work holistically by creating a different sequence of points for each individual. Facial Reflexology can be described as a highly relaxing technique which encourages full relaxation, release of body tension and an improvement in general wellbeing.

Could Facial Reflexology help me? ​

Facial Reflexology can be received by people of all ages (including young children and babies). As with foot Reflexology, I acknowledge that people are unique and individual and so each person will respond differently to reflexology. You may find you prefer to receive reflexology on the face instead of the feet and vice versa. I encourage you to be guided by what feels right for you. There may be some incidences where Facial Reflexology is not recommended so a full history of your health and wellbeing will be discussed with you in order to highlight any concerns.

I have experience practicing Facial Reflexology Sorensensiste as a support for people living with health conditions, including those living with Neurological conditions, which is an area of special interest to me. If you have any questions about this please contact me by email or telephone and I will be happy to share the experiences others have reported receiving this form of Reflexology. I also have experience working with children (age 4 upwards) when using this technique.

It is important to note that Facial Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose, cure or prescribe and aim to work alongside allopathic medicine.

Lone Sorensen travels around the world teaching her techniques to groups, individuals. Please see the link below for an inspiring short film of the impact of Sorensensistem™ on the lives of a family in Oman


What happens when I go for a Treatment?

Initial treatments can take up to or above one hour and involve an in-depth consultation about your health needs and lifestyle. Following the consultation you will sit or lie in a comfortable position and your Reflexologist will stimulate points on your face with their hands.

At the end of the session you will be given an opportunity to request feedback or discuss the session with your practitioner.

If you have any questions about how Facial Reflexology could support you with your current experiences or health concerns please contact Felicity directly using the email contact form, direct email or by telephone: 07976 926 322.​

Felicity Bevell MAR

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